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Bay Window Shutters

The biggest transformations are often shutters fitted to bay windows. Whether you have a square, bow or angled bay, our shutters fit to their shape. Free from cords, chains and tracks, bay shutters provide a sleek and tidy finish. Add instant kerb appeal and make a feature with made to measure shutters in your bay windows.

Bow bay shutters

What about curved bays?

Curved bays are ideal contenders for shutters, with a separate shutter for each panel of your bay. These panels are then expertly aligned to follow the shape of your bow window. Every shutter is carefully caulked to provide a seamless finish from wall to wall.

Angled bay window shutters

The perfect fit

Standard blinds, such as roller or venetian, can sometimes result in gaps within your bay window due to fitting restrictions and allowances that make the blind work. However, bay window shutters are individually crafted meaning they will fit to the shape of your bay without any gaps.

Bay window shutters

How long will they last?

Our uPVC ranges Nevada & Hampton carry a 10 year warranty on all the white & cream shades. This provides peace of mind that your shutters will stand the test of time and look great for years to come. Our hardwood Madison range has a 2-year warranty due to it being a natural material.

Are shutters right for my bay window?

Shutters lend themselves very well to most bay windows including square bays, curved bays and angled bays. They make a fabulous feature of a bay window, and look fantastic both inside and out.

Bear in mind if you have any opening windows as you will want your shutter design to be conscious of this to stay practical. The split tilt option can allow you to access your top opener windows easily to allow a fresh breeze without compromising on privacy.

Cafe style shutters are another great option for bay windows, especially if you like to keep your rooms light and airy. Keeping the top section free of any window dressing will allow much more light in than full height shutters

Doing some home improvement?

We sell home decor too.

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