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Full height shutters

Full Height Shutters

This style of shutter is designed to cover the entirety of the window. Additions such as split tilt or mid-rails can be added to allow better control of the light. Full height shutters are our most popular option as they provide the most privacy and flexibility.

Full height bathroom shutters

What does a mid-rail do?

A mid-rail adds a solid break in the shutter door (see above image) to allow the slats to operate separately above and below it. This means you could close your bottom section of slats, while tilting the top section open to allow light in. You can specify the height of your mid-rail and even have multiple if required.

Centre tilt full height shutters

Heat retention

Full height shutters can help retain the heat in your home by up to 64%. They are one of the best window covering options for home insulation. Pair shutters with some blackout curtains and you'll have no problem staying warm in the Winter and also cool in the Summer as they block out the suns rays.

Full height shutters with mid rail

Clearview or hidden tilt rod

A hidden tilt rod, otherwise known as clearview, means that you don't have the central control bar showing on the front restricting your view. With full height shutters, clearview can help keep as much as your view as possible and is no extra cost. The shutters are then controlled using the slats themselves.

Are full height shutters suitable for my windows?

Full height shutters are by far the most popular option, and part of the reason for this is because they are suitable for almost every type of window. This style of shutter offers the best privacy, as well as the most flexibility when it comes to light control. Visit our gallery for some inspiration.

Even large windows will benefit from the full height style, with many opting for a wider slat width to keep as much light in the room as possible. Customers can choose single doors with a 'T' post in between, or opt to have the doors bi-folding back out of the way.

Something to bear in mind when choosing your style is that 95% of people who have shutters installed, only ever fully open the doors when cleaning their windows. The rest of the time, the shutters are closed with the slats tilted open to retain privacy but keep light coming in.

Madison Full Height With Mid Rail.jpg

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