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Tier-On-Tier Shutters

Are your windows taller than they are wide? Then tier-on-tier would be a suitable option. Think of this option like a hybrid between a full height shutter and cafe style shutter. In the daytime you can open the top section fully and it will appear you have a cafe style shutter. Then at night, you can close the top section and benefit from full privacy and light control, much like a full height shutter.

Tier-on-tier shutters in white

Lets split

Tier-on-tier shutters are split horizontally into two sections. This means that even the door is split, not to be confused with a mid-rail or split tilt on a full height shutter. The tier-on-tier option allows you to fully open up the top or bottom section, leaving the other section closed.

Cream tier-on-tier shutters

Consider this

Some windows are not best suited to tier-on-tier style shutters. Bay windows for example, when you open the doors of the centre section, where will they fold back to? Your bay side windows. This means that they will block any available light coming from those side windows.

Bathroom tier-on-tier shutters

Extra costs

This style is one of the very few options that carries an extra cost. Tier-on-tier is charged at an extra 10% on top of the base price. The split can be put at your desired height (subject to manufacturing restrictions), but it may also be worth considering a split tilt or mid-rail.

Are my windows suitable for tier-on-tier shutters?

If you window is taller than it is wide, it is likely suitable for a tier-on-tier shutter. The problem with wider-than-tall windows is that the wider doors can put added weight pressure on the hinges, meaning they may "droop" when you open them out.

Before you decide you want tier-on-tier, we always ask the question, why? If you simply want to be able to control the light in the top section separately to the bottom, you don't necessarily need tier-on-tier. Most people who have shutters only ever tilt the slats open and close, only ever opening the doors fully to clean their windows.

An alternative choice would be a full height shutter with either a split tilt or mid-rail. Both options will give you the freedom to control different sections of your shutter slats separately, they just look a little different. View our gallery for more ideas.

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