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Shaped hardwood shutters_edited.png

Shaped Shutters

Shaped windows can be tricky to dress, but shutters may be the perfect solution. With options for circular windows, arched and even rake. Retain your privacy with made to measure shutters designed to fit your shaped windows perfectly.

Diamond shaped shutter


The versatility of shutters enables shaped windows to be dressed using the Nevada or Madison ranges. This is particularly useful in period properties with not-so-practical window shapes.

Arch top shutters

The best solution

Often we find that venetian blinds and other traditional offerings can be used to dress shaped windows. However, shutters are sometimes the only solution that keeps the original shape of the window.

Shaped shutter top

Gable ends

Shaped shutters are the perfect window dressing for gable end windows that we are starting to see on a lot of modern builds. They provide a stunning feature as well as better light control & privacy.

Don't just take our word for it.

Our google reviews speak for themselves, with tonnes of customers delighted with their new blinds, curtains & shutters.

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