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French door shutters

French Door Shutters

Make the most of your french doors with made to measure shutters, keeping the heat in during Winter and out during Summer. Full height shutters are the best option when it comes to patio doors or french doors. By adding a mid-rail, you can increase light control and flexibility. For bi-fold doors or larger sets of doors, we recommend track system shutters.

White shutters for doors


With full height bi-fold doors, shutters on patio or french doors will fold right back out of the way. This makes it really easy to come in and out of your doors without knocking or marking your shutters.

Large door shutters

Peace and quiet

Another benefit of french door shutters is noise reduction. When the shutters are closed, you can enjoy peace and quiet regardless of what is going on outside your door.

Pet friendly shutters

Pet friendly

Tired of replacing your vertical blinds because your pets have destroyed them at the door? Shutters are much more hard wearing and will stand the test of time against your animals.

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