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Cafe Style Shutters

The perfect style if you want to keep your space light and airy, but still retain your privacy. Cafe style shutters only cover part of your window, from the bottom up to whichever point you choose. Usually, a cafe style shutter either stops half way up the window, or up to the bottom of a top opening window.

Cafe style shutters in white

Let there be light

The main benefit to cafe style shutters is the amount of light that can still come through the bare top section of window. This is great if you have particularly tall windows which only require a small section at the bottom to be private. As you are having a smaller shutter, this will also mean a reduced cost compared to a full height shutter.


The timeless classic

Some windows just lend themselves to cafe style shutters, such as beautiful old victorian windows and those with stained glass top openers. Having half height shutters allows the stained glass tops to remain uncovered. This style works particularly well alongside windows in period properties to retain their timeless, classic look.

White cafe style shutters

Catch those Zzz's

One thing to be considerate of when looking at cafe style shutters is which room you want them in. If the bedroom is the intended target, don't forget to pair them with a good pair of blackout curtains to ensure your sleep is not disturbed. The last thing you want is a street light beaming through the top half of your window in the middle of the night.

Will cafe style shutters suit my windows?

Cafe style shutters can look fantastic on a range of different window styles. Those with stained glass top openers look particularly stunning. The height of the shutter is totally up to you, and our reps will advise based on experience as to what looks most appealing while still being practical.

We have many customers who choose cafe style for their bay window, as it keeps the cost down while still providing that much needed street level privacy. Other customers choose this style as they want to keep the space as light and airy as possible.

If you are looking to have bedroom shutters installed and your heart is set on cafe style, we'd recommend investing in a good pair of blackout curtains to aid a good nights sleep. You can view our gallery for some cafe style shutter inspiration.

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