Time flies when you're buying home accessories! Here you'll find our amazing clocks range. From extra large wall clocks, to modern table clocks and clocks for all rooms of the house.

Trending wall clocks

Wall clocks come in all shapes and sizes but one of the most popular trends is extra large wall clocks. Large clocks can make a statement when placed on the right wall, creating a focal point and filling the space. Black skeleton clocks create extra drama and let the colour of your wall show through. Gold clocks are also a great art deco style option to choose. 

Modern table clocks

A table clock may seem like a more traditional, old fashioned piece but this isn't necessarily true. A table clock is an ideal home accessory, perfect for adorning a side table in a lounge or bedroom. Small clocks are sometimes the only option for small places, or for those who can't hang a classic wall clock.

Quirky clocks for living rooms

One of the best centre pieces for any room is a statement clock. The living room is the hub of many homes and deserves a unique clock on the wall or side table. Traditional wood and metal can be transformed into something unignorable with a little imagination and style. For more clock inspiration, visit our showroom in Stoke-On-Trent or shop online at with home delivery.