Home Bar

The ever popular home bar - a great place for entertaining friends, enjoying a tipple and now you can accessorise it just like the real thing.

Why is the home bar so popular?

As we entertain more at home, the home bar has risen in popularity, especially with outdoor cabin buildings. Why make the effort to dress up and go out when you can have a stylish and functional bar right on your doorstep. Home bars can be made to suit any style from traditional wood to gold metals art deco style.

Once you have the home bar structure, it's the accessories that really make it unique and personal to you. From quirky signs to decanters and mood lighting.


How to create the perfect Home Bar? 

Pendant lights are an ideal choice for a home bar, mimicking the style of traditional bars with soft lighting. When looking for home bar ideas, the little things can make a massive difference. Don't forget about glassware and storage, functionality is just as important as style.

You don't have to create a whole bar to add this style into your home. Drinks trolleys can be added to an existing room and not take up too much room. These are a great idea for home entertaining, dinner parties and Christmas. Bars for the home are not a new idea, but were once reserved for the wealthy - now a budget home bar is easily achievable. 

Our Home Bar edit is bursting with ideal pieces to complete the look.


Design your Home Bar with House of Cartlidge

Order online or visit the House of Cartlidge store in Hanley. The store has a whole room dedicated to the Home Bar decor ideas.