Coffee Tables

Situated in the heart of the lounge, the coffee table, a statement piece of furniture which completes the room. Shop our range of coffee tables, from modern shapes to industrial styles we have coffee tables to suit all living room decors.

Coffee tables to suit your lifestyle

Coffee tables are the centerpiece of our living space, they are often subjected to our many brews, occasional tired tootsies, and various odds and sods, that’s why you need a coffee table to suit your lifestyle. 

House of Cartlidge has a range of coffee tables to suit all lifestyles from our rugged industrial coffee tables to our round coffee tables which are perfect for families looking to avoid those sharp corners.

We stock various elegant, luxury coffee tables, which range in size from small coffee tables to large statement coffee tables, including our Beau Golden Twist Coffee Table, this coffee table adds sophistication to any room. 

Dress your coffee table with our home decor accessories and match them with our large furniture selection to create an enviable living space for you to relax in at the end of the day.

Coffee tables to suit any decor

Are you looking for a scandi style coffee table? Maybe your looking for an industrial coffee table? Or are you looking for a statement coffee table to add exuberance to your lounge?

We have coffee tables to suit all decor styles and living spaces. 

View the range online or visit us in store.

How to choose a coffee table to suit your living space

With so many coffee tables to choose from, how do you choose the one which is right for your living room?

Here are our top tips for choosing your coffee table:

  • Make sure it is no larger than two-thirds of your sofa
  • Your coffee table should be no higher than your seating
  • Measure out the space in your living area, make sure that when people sit at the sofa they can easily reach for their drink, plan the space so you know what size coffee table to buy
  • Round coffee tables are ideal for families as there are no sharp corners
  • Square coffee tables sit well in larger rooms with grand seating configurations
  • Rectangle and oval shapes are ideal for smaller rooms and compact areas
  • Coffee tables with storage are suitable for busy homes where clutter can quickly accumulate

Ready to buy your coffee table? Browse online or visit it us in our Hanley store.