Faux Plants & Planters

Real plants can be hard to maintain, by opting for faux plants and flowers you can achieve the same interior look without the commitment.  Our huge range of faux plants, flowers and planters includes pampas grass, eucalyptus and hydrangea, bringing the outdoors in (forever!).

How to style faux plants?

Faux plants are very on trend with interior designer breathing life into interiors across the globe, without the need to upkeep and maintain them daily. 

By adding greenery to your home you can create a soothing, zen atmosphere that you yearn to relax in, but how do you style them?

  • Add a touch of realism

Our top tip is to add a touch of soil, sand, rocks or moss to the base to give a more realistic feel and organic texture. 

  • Make a plant corner

Do you have a gloomy corner that is shouting out to be styled? Add an array of plants to bring instant style.

  • Hang them

Your plants don’t just need to be situated on the floor, try hanging them from the ceiling. Our Fern Spring or Mistletoe Cacti are perfect for hanging. 

  • Use an array of pots

Plants at different heights and in different textured pots keep the eye interested. We have a range of different pots available, including our Bloomville Chorus Stone Vase which is perfect for a rustic vibe or for an Art Deco ambiance try our Aztec Collection.

How to clean faux plants?

Faux plants are extremely easy to maintain and clean. Unlike real plants, they don’t need regular upkeep. Occasionally, you’ll need to dust them down. We recommend using a damp cloth to get rid of dust and dirt.

How realistic are House of Cartlidge artificial plants?

Our collection of faux plants are designed to look as realistic as possible. To add to the realism we recommend add soil, dirt, rocks or moss around the base.

Shop online or instore with House of Cartlidge

Our artificial plants are available to order online, with either delivery by our dedicated courier within 5-7 days or for click and collect in 24 hours. 

Alternatively, you can head to our store on Westmill Street in Hanley to shop the faux plants we have available in store.