The key to achieving a farmhouse, rustic, country style is to combine the old with the new to create a relaxed space. The House of Cartlidge Farmhouse decor edit includes classic, homely style pieces made from rustic materials. 

You don’t need to live in the countryside to achieve a rustic farmhouse look, you just need a neutral colour palette, reclaimed wood accents and some homely accessories. Find out more about this style below…

What is Farmhouse Decor Styling?

Farmhouse interior decor styling combines rustic charm with simplicity and neutral tones. Inspired by the cosy feel of traditional farmhouses, utilising natural materials and vintage home accessories. 


How to achieve the Farmhouse look?

This style includes big comfy chairs, animal accessories and neutral-painted tones. Mixed metals also come into play by combining old and new, weather metal and rustic wood. Almost mimicking the industrial home decor style, but with a little more warmth and comfort.

Functional furniture is at the heart of this interior trend, add items with both purpose and style. A wood and metal clock would be a great addition to a farmhouse kitchen. Increase warmth and comfort with curtains, accessories and throws.

Imperfect pieces and white ornaments are an integral part of Farmhouse decor. Don't forget to add some colour, try an earthy green or jewel-toned purple.


Achieve your Farmhouse style with House of Cartlidge

Order online or visit the House of Cartlidge store in Hanley. The store is full of great ideas for Farmhouse decor and accessories.